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Have you got a great idea for a program that you're really excited about, but aren’t sure it will achieve what you envision? Getting clear on how it fits into the bigger picture will help you understand its impact and whether or not it's working - and if not, how to improve. We employ a systematic approach to ensure that there is alignment between the problem that is being addressed, the program design, and outcomes. Our comprehensive plan includes a theory of change model, logic model, performance indicators, data collection tools, project timeline, and improvement strategies to help you optimize your program's success. Let us help you bring your program idea to life with confidence.

How We Support You

  • Develop an evaluation plan.

  • Support grant applications

  • Develop or refine data collection instruments.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Working with Montana was a delight! Beyond her technical expertise in evaluation methods, she is inquisitive and humble, eliciting greater insights and ensuring actionable outcomes. Montana is a rare combination of practical experience and joyful collaborator. I sincerely recommend her to any organization looking for an authentic partner to elevate their work.”


Rebecca Hebner Roppolo

Senior Evaluation Specialist
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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