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Drive organizational success with our expert evaluation support. Strengthen your team's evaluation capabilities and ensure ongoing evaluation activities by partnering with us. Let us help you build an in-house evaluation team and increase buy-in across your organization for a more impactful and effective evaluation process. Our process includes steps for assessing your evaluation needs, current strengths, areas to strengthen your team, and opportunities for more professional development and training.

How We Support You

  • Facilitate capacity-building with you and your team.

  • Lead professional development sessions on topics such as survey methodology, evaluation 101, and equity-focused strategies.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Dr. Cain presented to Iowa K-12 teachers how a commitment to promoting equity worldwide is a primary component of globally competent teaching.  The presentation was well organized and made thinking about the complexities of integrating global perspectives on social justice in our classroom practice accessible and more manageable. Dr. Cain delivered her work with passion, creativity, and a sense of humor. We would love to have her come back and continue this work with our teachers.”

Dr. Will Coghill-Behrends, Ph.D. College of Education, University of Iowa

Krista Regennitter, Program Officer, Global Education, Stanley Center for Peace and Security

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