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Transform your evaluation process with our expert guidance. Conducting an evaluation can be a very rewarding experience, but it also can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. Overcome the challenges of limited resources, inaccurate findings, and generic recommendations with our tailored evaluation plan.  We help you leverage the strengths of your team and connect your programs directly to the needs of stakeholders, resulting in high-quality findings and increased buy-in for action plans. Our evaluations include a customizable report tailored to your specific audience, whether it's a funder, internal team, or program participants. Trust us to consider the needs of those involved and impacted to ensure that findings are shared in a way that is accessible.

How We Support You

  • Implement full evaluation from data collection through reporting and action planning.

  • Analyze and summarize existing data

  • Facilitate action planning sessions

What Our Clients Are Saying

“ As the Program Director of The Langston University CYFAR-) Children Family and Youth At Risk Grant I was tasked with putting together a team uniquely suited to understand, collect and analyze data of underserved populations. Dr. Cain exudes confidence in every level of the professional setting ranging from professional development with her peers to the classroom without clients. At every turn she made me feel included in the process but what most impressed me about Montana Cain, is the way she wants her clients to feel at ease. I would not hesitate to work with Montana again.”

Shar Carter, Langston University CYFAR Program Director

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