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Meet  the Team

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Dr. J. Montana Cain


Dr. Cain is an educator at heart and an evaluator by accident. Driven by her own experiences working in marginalized communities, she uses evaluation as a vehicle to address inequities and to engage others in these critical conversations and practices. Dr. Cain has dedicated 20+ years to ensuring that communities, especially the most marginalized, receive the high-quality programs that they deserve. She is also an east coast nomad residing in Tulsa, OK and a proud flexitarian (bacon or tofu depends on the day).


She designed and conducted the initial validation studies for the Multicultural Teacher Capacity Scale. Along with her colleagues, she developed the Globally Competent Teaching Continuum which is currently used internationally. Her published works can be found in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Community Psychology, Journal of Social Work Education, and the International Journal of Critical Pedagogy.


Dr. Cain earned her Ph.D. in educational psychology, measurement, and evaluation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is an active member of the American Evaluation Association serving on the leadership boards of the Multiethnic Issues in Evaluation; Organizational Learning and Evaluation Capacity-Building; and Nonprofits and Foundation Topical Interest Groups. Her published works can be found in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Community Psychology, Journal of Social Work Education, and the International Journal of Critical Pedagogy.

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Markeisha Grant

Lead Evaluation Consultant

I am passionate about disrupting racial and educational inequities and have spent most of my career working to improve the outcomes of people from  historically marginalized communities. 


I have over a decade of experience in the fields of program evaluation, research, and education and have conducted research using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. I began my career working at program evaluation firms, including Metis Associates and Goodman Research group where I conducted program evaluations and impact assessments for school districts, colleges and universities, nonprofits, and community based organizations across the U.S. I have also conducted research at Columbia University. In addition to my research experience, I also have expertise in the K-12 and higher education landscape. I completed my graduate studies at Harvard University where I earned a masters degree in Education Policy and Management and have built and managed innovative educational programs in Arkansas, Boston, California, New York City, and Texas.


Ryann Cooke

Administrative Assistant / Social Media Strategist

Ryann is a bright DC native who finds enjoyment in helping people and organizations become successful as an administrative assistant. She takes pride in representing her employer and acting as a spokesperson for a team. Ryann is multifaceted and has served small organizations and large hospitals with administrative support. In her free time she loves to explore nature and listen to old school r&b music.

Shanice Mzavas

Evaluation Consultant

Born in Tanzania, yet raised in the suburbs of Dallas, Shanice is a proud East African AND Texas girl specializing in public health, program evaluation, and program transformation. She wants to be a positive agent for change and has always been passionate about population-level hunger relief and nutrition. My ultimate dream would be to return to Tanzania to create and implement a nationwide nutrition and health improvement plan that addresses the most pressing issues in each region. In my free time, I enjoy online shopping, binging shows on Hulu, and taking neighborhood walks.


Amnoni Myers

Evaluation Consultant

Amnoni Myers is a first-generation college graduate from Gordon College and The National Urban Fellows Program where she received her Masters degree in public administration. She has experienced early childhood trauma, and the loss of her biological family, and has been on a journey to understand her identity despite the challenges she's faced along the way. She takes pride in advocating for children in the foster care system and is passionate about helping to improve the system. Amnoni worked as an intern at The White House under the Obama Administration to do just that! and In her spare time, Amnoni enjoys traveling on long adventures, hosting random kickbacks with her friends, and hiding under cozy blankets exploring documentaries.

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